Thai Canal

According to rumors, China and Thailand are already planning for the construction of the Thai Canal. This canal, to be situated at Kra Isthmus in Thailand, would benefit the trade route from the Indian Ocean to East Asia, allowing ships coming from the Middle East to bypass the Strait of Malacca, cutting the distance by 1000 km, and saving time and shipment costs.


This would greatly benefit China, Japan, as well as ASEAN countries Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam and even the Philippines. Thailand would enjoy the economic benefits this would bring them after the project completes.

Obviously Singapore and Malaysia are not happy since traffic would be diverted away from the Malaysian Peninsula. Singapore’s economy could take a big hit.

(It’s mind-blowing that China is also working with Nicaragua on the $40 billion Nicaragua Canal to compete with the Panama Canal, and with Pakistan on the Gwadar Port project.)

梁静茹 - 小手拉大手


Stool Sampling

So I went to the clinic in the mall early morning for my physical exam.

They wanted my stool sample. Problem was, I didn’t feel like shitting yet that time.

"I’ll just give it a shot." And so I sat there in the clinic’s toilet "giving it a shot", but no matter how hard I tried, nothing came out. Fifteen minutes passed. I gave up.

"You can return anytime with the sample" said the lab techician. "Just keep it fresh. Not more than 2 hours after collection."

Since I didn’t have any plans for the day, I thought that I could just look around in the mall to pass time. Maybe it would come later.

Sure enough, after lunch, I started feeling something. I immediately looked for a “lounge” pay toilet because these are cleaner and have more privacy, not to mention more “maneuverability” inside.

After paying at the counter, I was welcomed with a smile and treated like a VIP by the umm… what do you call them… the toilet attendant. I returned with a smile, but I find it funny that they were happy to receive a dump from me.

Wow very clean. Sparkling even. They have toilet paper, bidet. Great!


Unghhhhhh…. Unghhhhhh….

Unghhhhhh…. Unghhhhhh…. Unghhhhhh…. sploosh!

Aha! Finally! Out all of ya! What a relief!

I took the utensils out from my trouser pocket and stood up to take a sample from my masterpiece.

And then…



It’s an automatic infra-red flush toilet.



(This is not my own experience.)

Malaysia Airlines’s Bad Fortune

March 8 - Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared

March 23 - a Malaysia Airlines jet’s windshields were shattered by birds while landing in Nepal

March 24 - a Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul made an emergency landing in Hong Kong

禍不單行?Even birds are sabotaging?

MRT and traffic as real life examples of the Prisoner’s Dilemma

I have long felt that the behavior of Filipinos riding the MRT and cutting people off in traffic as real life examples of the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

In riding the MRT, everyone benefits if all fall in line to take the train in an orderly manner. However, if an individual cuts in line or forces himself into the train even when the train is already very crowded, then this person benefits by being able to ride the train right away while other people suffer by being overtaken. When a considerable number of individuals do this, all passengers suffer because the trains will experience delays from people forcing themselves into the crowded trains, and to some extent the trains breakdown more frequently.

I think this is the same with vehicular traffic. Individuals benefit by cutting in line through traffic, but when many people do this, everyone suffers.

As expected, just like in the basic form of the Prisoner’s Dilemma where the best strategy is to “defect” rather than “cooperate” which could risk “defection” by others, many people would cut in line in the MRT and traffic. The people who would really like to “cooperate” are left with no choice but to compete by “defecting” too.

The primitive thinking of people stuck in this strategy is what is causing everyone to suffer.

Linux Haiku

I grep’d for some stuff
Nothing was returned to me
Instead I finger’d

BIR vs. Physicians

Look at the malicious smirk. So resembling her boss’s.

BIR vs. Physicians

Look at the malicious smirk. So resembling her boss’s.

I remember when I was tearing off last month’s calendar. It was like “there goes the first month, and the first day of the Chinese new year.”

Another month gone.

What am I doing with my life? :-/