“One need not go as far as mutilate children, rape women or wage war to see how barbaric man is. Just count the boogers wiped on to the walls of the office toilet.”

— The Good Mike


And those chewing gums in the urinals.

And why do they keep spitting saliva in waterless urinals to clog them up?

BonChon - 名字又

Resilience? Hope?

Let’s show Pope Francis how resilient, hopeful Filipinos are,” said Cardinal Tagle.

I would say that this false/misplaced sense of resiliency and the never ending empty hopes are the two characteristics of people that are holding back the nation from real progress.

Aquino insists that the Supreme Court is wrong

and his interpretation of the Constitution is correct.

And DAP is in “good faith”.



It’s the best EPIC EVER!


It’s the best EPIC EVER!

Japanese politician’s major breakdown at press conference

Malversation of public funds? You will never see this in the Philippines.

Here’s a more lulzy version:

Since when did “Drink responsibly” came to replace “Drink moderately” for alcohol advertisements?

Jimmy Lin Shows iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s

Jimmy Lin shows what seems to be the upcoming iPhone again through his Weibo.

The rumored iPhone 6 sports a bigger screen (4.7 inches) with rounder edges.