Things That Happened Under PNoy’s Government

  1. Unconstitutional EO No’s.1 & 2
  2. Samar & Balay group conflict inside Malacanang
  3. Bungled hostage rescue
  4. Blatant lie about the $430 million MCC grant
  5. Wrongful deportation of 14 Taiwanese fraud suspects to China
  6. Cojuangco-Aquino SCTex multi million deal
  7. Favoring KKK to high government positions
  8. Release of Morong 43
  9. Denying clemency to 100 old and sick prisoners despite PPP’s recommendation but pardons a dead man
  10. Failed promise to prioritize FOI Bill
  11. Misleading polls by own kins’ survey firms Asia Pulse & SWS
  12. Hacienda Luisita/SCTex illegal toll fee
  13. Ineffective com group (includes Mislang)
  14. Pending RH Bill
  15. Corruption score worsens based on diff. international intelligence reports
  16. Lowest rate of GDP
  17. Mounting unemployment problem
  18. Undiplomatic verbal spat with China over Spratlys
  19. Porsche/BMW controversy
  20. P6-billion illegal tax write off given to Mirant and Team Energy
  21. People suffering from higher cost of living and having depress wages
  22. Controversial appointees (eg. BNP – Diokno, LTO -Torres, BoC – Alvarez, PCSO – Tolentino & Joaquin)
  23. Core inflation rate increased from 3.9 to 4
  24. Biggest drop of visitor arrivals from 377,672 to 317,443
  25. Slow action on OFW repatriation during Middle East Crisis
  26. Underemployment rate increased from 0.178 to 0.194
  27. Increased of poverty incidence
  28. Dropped imports from USD 4, 568 to USD 5, 497
  29. BIR and BOC’s failure to meet their respective revenue targets
  30. Imposing double vat on toll
  31. Failure to stop jueteng
  32. Excessive and unproductive travel abroad
  33. Former AFP Chief and Defense Sec. Angelo Reyes suicide due to Senate pressure
  34. Corruption still rampant in national and local level
  35. PPP zero investment
  36. Deteriorating condition of education
  37. No wage increase despite the rocketed cost of basic commodities
  38. Billion lost in revenue due to missing container vans
  39. Very unproductive legislature under PNoy’s admin
  40. Missing in action during the typhoon
  41. Slow action and ineptness on crisis/disaster management
  42. 9.43 billion flood damage due to cancellation of flood projects in Central Luzon
  43. Increased pork barrel and CCT budgets and cut the budget on education.
  44. Failed CCT program
  45. Failed Pantawid Pasada Program
  46. Increased crime rate
  47. P-noy’s 1.46 Billion intelligence fund for 2011
  48. Controversy on Apple MacBooks worth 1.67 million or P67,000 each for Carandang’s staff
  49. Rising cases of impunity for extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances
  50. 4 billion peso damage claim of Belgian dredging firm for cancellation of project
  51. Influencing a recent SC decision on family-owned Hacienda Luisita
  52. Postponement of ARMM election
  53. DBP lawyer suicide due to harassment
  54. Lopez Holdings 1.6 Billion peso DBP loan written off
  55. Secret meeting with MILF leader Murad
  56. 5 million pesos aid to MILF
  57. Apathy to the sacrifice of our soldiers who are losing their lives in Mindanao
  58. 31 million pesos aid to (not existing) ABB
  59. 5-10 million bribe to congressmen to back up steps taken against GMA
  60. Imposing tax on SSS & PAG IBIG contributions
  61. Close to P1M cost (P860,000) of single Palace-Ledac meeting
  62. Besmirching the name of the highest court, notably the Chief Justice
  63. Blatantly defying The Philippine Constitution
  64. Appointment of Biazon and Lim to BOC to silently gather FUNDS for the next election.
  65. De-Lima finally learned the correct ‘daang matu-weed’ as she made an ‘error recommendation’ during the luneta hostage fiasco.
  66. Ninoy Aquino IA- WORST airport in the world.
  67. P-noy brother in law demanding commission for release of pork barrel to congressmen
  68. Cojuangco executive appointed to coconut planters bank (to destroy the evidence) – they have tried to keep this one very secret for obvious reasons extra judicial killings
  69. Human trafficking actually up, as is use of child labour inside the country
  70. Ochoa and his new 60 million peso house – not bad in 50,000 a month!
  71. Appointment of another Kaibigan Domingo Lee as Phil Ambassador to China
  72. Spending millions of government funds for media, PR, congressmen gifts for support, and thousands of members of the mis-communication group
  73. Railroaded impeachment proceedings against CJ Corona.
  74. Went partying while Sendong victims were dying.
  75. Promised zero calamity casualty = 3000+ died during typhoon Sendong.
  76. Distribution of billions of road users tax to Tongressmen without programs of work.
  77. DOJ flak in P160 million casino scam
  78. Poverty and unemployment increase
  79. High electric and water costs
  80. Aquinomics is the worst economic plans making Philippines the worst performing economy in Asia.

Disclaimer: I got these from the Internet and compiled under a list. The original list came from someone by the name of FantasticNoy. A few things have subsequently been added, and posted as replies in, the latest of which is from Aquinomics. It is up to the reader to verify the veracity of these.

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