Wizards, Dragons, and Dinosaurs: Classic Textbooks in Computer Science

Top image: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) also known as the “Wizard Book" because of the wizard on the book cover. According to the book, creating programs to direct computer processes are like conjuring the spirits of the computer with spells.

Middle three images: The different editions of the “Dragon Book" of compiler design. From left, the "Green Dragon Book" - Principles of Compiler Design; the “Red Dragon Book” - Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools, first edition; and the “Purple Dragon Book”, the second edition. Dragons are used in the covers to depict the complexity of creating compilers.

Bottom four images: The different editions of Operating System Concepts, known as the “Dinosaur Book”. Shown are the 5th to the latest 8th edition. Dinosaurs are used in the covers I think because dinosaurs, like operating systems, can grow very huge and slow. They also need to adapt and evolve, otherwise they may be forced to extinction. :p

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    Thanks to this post, I can now answer my professor’s “million-dollar” question in Operating Systems class! lol
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    I’m using the “dinosaur book” this semester (although “using” is probably not quite the right term for it).
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    Best of all are the tumblr names that posted this: ixthil and the original content creator: Techie Yuckie Boy.
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    I used the 8th edition of OS myself. Good analysis for the cover art.
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    I’ve got a hard-back copy of the wizard book under my bed (I really need to finish it) and I’m making my way through the...
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    I always see these in the library and wonder. Now I know.
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